About Us

Blackstone Valley Claim Service was established in 1961 by Alfred P. Parent. A pioneer ahead of his time who changed the industry for the better in the name of the consumer. During his long career, he was head of the State of RI licensing board for appraiser's, he rallied for the consumer rights and had major input for multiple bill of rights and procedures that are still used today. Today, son Edward Parent, runs the family business and has been appraising all type of motor vehicles for over 25 years. He has become an expert in appraising and performs all aspect of independent appraising and adjusting. Edward has also testified as an expert in court cases with his experience. Mr. Parent has designed and completed multiple forms for the appraising industry to help the consumer easily understand insurance policies, valuations and appraisals. Mr. Parent is also an industry leader when it comes to arbitrations and umpiring cases against insurance companies who do not treat the consumer fairly. His stated value reports are second to none and detail the particular vehicle in such detail it is uncomparable to any other.